Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, has many vibrant and diverse neighborhoods; it is known for its culture, its history, and its food. New York and Washington DC are within easy reach for a weekend too. You’ll find more information below on accommodation, and places to visit during your stay.

Penn Vet is in West Philadelphia, at 3900 Spruce St.

Penn’s lodging suggestions
International House [until Dec 2019 only]
University City
Facebook, Airbnb and Craigslist are great resources
– a few more suggestions here

Getting to know Philadelphia: the University area; visit Philly; Philadelphia tours; Delaware River Waterfront; and a little bit of history.

New York: NYC official guide; travel guide; travel to NYC. Washington DC: ‘The District’. Baltimore: ‘Visit Baltimore’; Baltimore tours.

And a few food ideas.

Travel & Living Expenses: all costs associated with a visit to our hospital are the responsibility of the visitor. Current Philadelphia daily living expenses (US Government estimate) are US$181.00 for lodging and US$61.00 for meals.

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