Past Visitors


Dr. Miyagi joins the photograph gallery, having received his University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Certificate of Completion at last. He finished his year on the visitor program in April 2020, just as lock down was happening. But he has managed to keep himself busy since then – as a Penn Vet intern! Very best wishes for the next stage of your veterinary career, as a resident at Oregon State, Dr. Miyagi.


“I was able to free up a month between roles, and chose to spend it at Penn Vet to focus on developing my knowledge and skills in Medicine and Intensive Care.”

“Two years ago, I attended the WSAVA lesson in Taiwan, presented by Dr. Giger from Penn Vet, and learned a lot about anemia. In addition, I have read some textbooks published by professors of Penn Vet. I yearn to immerse myself in Penn Vet.”